Gifts and Accessories

The best gifts and accessories for horses

Gifts for equestrians, gifts for horse lovers, are included in this section. We have a great selection of items for all ages, from Breyer horse toys for the little ones, to figurines, keychains, hangers, and all kinds of accessories that will delight horse lovers. These are practical and decorative objects with equestrian elements.

In this section, we have also included all kinds of books, selected by us, making our equestrian library very interesting with almost 200 titles for all levels, including the famous Galope books, advanced manuals for specific disciplines, and learning for the curious who want to delve deeper into the knowledge of horses through equestrian reading.

As a last but not least selection, we have another library, this time a large collection of equestrian DVDs, related to a more visual learning experience. Therefore, we have over 180 specific DVDs for equestrian learning.