Snaffles for Horses

Snaffles for Horses are bits that act on the horse's tongue and corners of the lips. They exert pressure on the nerve terminals of the horse's head. Snaffles are used at the preliminary level of training, and later the bit is introduced to reinforce and refine aids in more advanced movements.

It is possible for the horse to show signs of discomfort, such as shaking their head, trying to rear, or lifting their head. This is usually due to the inappropriate action of the bit on the horse's mouth and is often caused by the poor choice of the bit, which would be the first point to review when observing this behavior.

The length of the snaffle is determined by measuring the useful area of the cannons that come into contact with the horse's mouth, covering the interior. When adjusting it, it should protrude from each side of the mouth by 3 to 5mm. Ideally, move the snaffle to make it protrude from only one side and check that it reduces the width of a finger by approximately. More than one centimeter of margin can damage the horse's palate due to extreme looseness.

The thicker the snaffle, the more comfortable it is for the animal. Most horses accept a thick snaffle without any problems. The thinner it is, the more severe it will be.

Snaffles for horses can be made of stainless steel, copper, rubber, leather, and there are many types: ring snaffles, eggbutt snaffles, D-ring snaffles (common in jumping discipline), jointed snaffles, Australian ring snaffles, Baucher snaffles, elevator snaffles, or Pessoa snaffles.

Choose the model that best suits your horse's needs. If you have any doubts or concerns, count on us to help you choose the right snaffle for your horse.