Blankets and Neck Covers

Blankets and Neck Covers for Horses

Specialists in the sale of blankets and neck covers for horses

During the cold months of the year, horse blankets are used, and as the temperature drops, so does the activity of both riders and horses. The blanket is used daily to keep the horse's body temperature adequate. Although we choose a heavier blanket or are accustomed to putting it on, this will not make it warmer, nor will it make the horse more sensitive to the cold.

The blanket exerts pressure on the horse's hair layers, which reduces its insulating capacity. If the horse is a competition horse, blankets can be used to prevent the animal's hair from growing too much, so it will sweat less and dry faster. It must be breathable, as if it is not breathable, the horse will not dry, and it will not keep it warm. It will collect external moisture and may cool down.

Choose the blanket for your horse based on its measurement, which is taken from the withers to the tail, and it should be the correct size so that the horse is comfortable and does not get abrasions.

Discover all the types of blankets we work with and choose yours: special fly blankets, with neck covers, riding blankets, waterproof, drying, summer, competition, or pony blankets.

In addition, we also work with neck covers for horses, of a single size or varied sizes and made of neoprene or nylon material. Choose your neck cover from our selected models.

If you have doubts about choosing the blanket for your horse, or the neck cover, we are here to help. Count on us to answer any questions you may have.