Serretas for Horses

Specialists in the sale of serretas for horses In this section, you will find serretas for horses, which are used when you don't need to give them a rope and the horse already has some basic training. Serretas are used with a bit, which can be a potrero or portuguese bit. There are various models available, depending on the length of the pilarillos, which is where the reins are attached.

We have over a hundred models of serretas available, with different pilar lengths, and many more options from the best brands, all backed by our own brands' guarantee: Sefton, Ludomar, Happy Mouth, Roldán, Hispano Hípica, Mehis, and many more.

Discover the models we have selected for you. If you have any doubts or questions about serretas for horses, we are at your disposal.