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Dressage Cinches

Dressage cinches are an essential accessory for rope work, and they allow for the attachment of auxiliary reins with the goal of achieving the correct position of the horse during exercise. They are commonly used for breaking in young horses prior to the placement of a saddle. This process marks the first steps in a young horse's life and will continue throughout its training. It is effective when the handler and auxiliary reins are delicate and do not harm the horse's mouth.

Cinches are usually made of leather or synthetic materials and are adjusted with a girth.

In addition to the cinch, other accessories are necessary for rope work: headstalls, reins, auxiliary reins, cinches, and lassos.

Choose the dressage cinch model that best suits your horse's needs. If you have any questions or concerns, count on us to help you choose from our wide selection of dressage cinches.