Spur Straps

Spur Straps

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Spur straps are used to attach the spurs to the boot, and they can be made of nylon or leather. Nylon straps are more economical and are typically used in English riding, while leather straps are more durable and suitable for all disciplines.

The spur strap should never move or be too tight and should be placed just at the edge of the heel.

The correct placement of the spur straps, as well as distinguishing between left and right foot, will ensure proper communication with the horse.

Regarding the choice of spur straps, they can be made of leather, which is more classic, synthetic, which holds up well in inclement weather, or cowboy-style, which are a bit thicker and longer. Depending on the size, type of competition, and rider, we will recommend one or the other.

We can help you find the horse spur straps you are looking for. We are a team of equestrian specialists at your disposal, so if you have any questions or concerns, count on us to help you choose from our spur straps for horses.