Work Bandages

Work, rest, and transportation bandages for horses.

Work bandages are used to protect the horse's hands and feet during work, in the stable and on the track, and are mainly focused on horses with sensitive skin. They achieve very good support in the tendons during work sessions and are optimal for flat terrain. They close with a self-adhesive strip and are very easy to put on. No cloths are needed.

At, we have a wide variety of bandages for horses, whether for work, rest, or transportation. Our selection of work bandages offers excellent protection for the horse's limbs during work in the stable and on the track. They are specially designed for horses with sensitive skin and provide a firm hold on the tendons. Additionally, they are easy to put on, as they close with a self-adhesive strip, meaning that cloths are not needed.

Rest bandages are used when the animal has finished exercising, with the aim of allowing it to rest. They can also be used as transportation bandages. They are used to protect the lower part of the limb and are used to prevent pulls after work, and to provide warmth to the horse's hands and feet.

We also offer rest bandages that are ideal for after exercise, as they help prevent pulls and provide warmth to the horse's hands and feet. Additionally, these bandages can also be used for transportation, ensuring the protection of the horse's lower limbs during travel.

At, we have a wide variety of bandages, from the simplest to the most technical. Additionally, we offer different materials and designs, including bandages of different sizes and shapes to suit the needs of each horse and discipline. All of our bandages are of high quality and are designed to last.

If you have any doubts or questions about work, rest, or transportation bandages for your horse, our team of specialists is available to help you. Don't hesitate to contact us! At, we are committed to the well-being of your horse and offer the best products to care for and protect it.