Scissors and Martingales

Scissors and martingales for horses

Sale of scissors and martingales for horses Scissors, also called martingales, help maintain the proper position of the horse's head without the intervention of the rider's hands. The martingale is a type of martingale that is placed on the noseband and helps to prevent the horse from tossing its head or holding its head too high, which can cause it to refuse the bit and become uncontrollable. Scissors, being more flexible, loosen when the reins are not sufficiently tense.

Martingales are recommended for foals, young horses, or thoroughbred horses with a breed that tends to have a large head and requires deep neck flexion. They are also often used for high-strung horses.

If you have doubts when choosing scissors, martingales or nosebands for your horse, we are here to help you. Count on us to answer any questions you may have.

Nosebands and scissors for horses.