silla de montar española para caballos

Spanish Saddle

Specialist in the sale of Spanish saddles.

Spanish saddles have always been used for field work and bullfighting, and it is one of the most commonly used saddles in Spain for outdoor activities. It is a large and heavy saddle in which the seat is wide and cushioned, and the stirrups are very large, made of iron (usually blued) and positioned forward so that the rider supports the entire surface. In the Spanish saddle, the backrest and pommel are two fixed elements, unlike the rest of the elements that vary depending on the manufacturer. The Spanish saddle is designed to spend hours on horseback. The Spanish saddle always has a girth that surrounds the animal's body, fixing it around the body, and has a crupper. The vaquera dressage regulations state that the Spanish saddle must be black, and it is also available in hazelnut color.

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Specialists in the sale of Spanish saddles