Horse Tools

The best horse tools

Discover all the tools for horseshoeing, all the horse shoeing equipment you need whether you are a professional or a beginner. We have all the products to complete the entire process of horse shoeing.

The items we have selected focused on horseshoeing, such as external horseshoe fixers, fixers between horseshoe and hoof, and a selection of caps and pads, are the foundation with which we work day by day, and we have all the necessary equipment for farrier tools, such as anvils, rasps, or a wide variety of hammers and tongs.

Regarding horse shoes, different materials and sizes make our catalog a complete section, both for those who work with nails and without them.

As a supplier of clothing for farriers, aprons, and work boots, we cannot forget that we work with excellent quality, guaranteeing great durability and the best value for money in our products.