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Saddle pads

Saddle pads serve to protect the back of the horse from sweat, so that it does not affect the leather of the saddle and can be absorbed without reaching the saddle, and to prevent possible injuries to the horse caused by friction with the saddle, if placed directly on the horse. In addition, saddle pads can help minimize possible problems that a saddle may cause when it is not properly fitted to the horse. Ideally, each horse should have its own saddle and it should be properly adjusted, but this is not always the case.

Saddle pads can be made of cotton, PVC, canvas, sheepskin, etc. It is always recommended to use a saddle pad when riding a horse. It is also recommended to use a salvacruces to protect the horse's back from possible shocks and vibrations during the horse's work.

Sometimes the use of saddle pads and horse blankets can be confused. The difference between a horse blanket and a saddle pad is that the former is thinner and more absorbent.

We always recommend using a saddle pad or horse blanket. We also recommend using a salvacruces to reinforce the protection of your horse's back from possible impacts and vibrations during your horse's work.

Choose the saddle pad that best suits your horse's needs. Discover our selection. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us for help in choosing from our wide variety.