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Bridles for horses serve to direct the animal through the reins. You can use a stable halter if you want to tie up your horse and handle it by hand. But if you need a riding bridle, depending on your equestrian discipline, you will need to choose the appropriate one.

Bridles for horses consist of the following parts: the headstall, located at the highest point of the bridle and positioned at the back of the horse's ears. The browband, on the animal's forehead, comes in many different sizes and colors that can be interchangeable. The noseband, which goes around the horse's nose and helps to close its mouth, and the reins, which the rider uses with both hands to control the horse's movements. It is thanks to the reins that communication with the horse is maintained at all times, and they are adjusted to the horse's head.

The material of which bridles for horses are made can be leather, silk, or nylon, and they should be elastic and soft to avoid any kind of rubbing on the horse's head. As for accessories for horse bridles, we can include a headstall, bit, and snaffle as one of the most frequent needs of the rider.

All of our accessories are selected by us, and in many cases, we ourselves use many of the models we sell with our horses on a daily basis, mainly English and Western bridles, so we can advise you if you have any doubts.

We work with the main brands in the sector, and we have extensive quality guarantees given their long experience in making bridles for horses: Hispano Hípica, Euro-Star, Lexhis, Mehis, Rambo, Sefton, Ludomar, Pessoa, and Mustang, among others.