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Fly masks for horses are used to protect the animal's head from insects around the ears and eyes. For horses with sensitive eyes, it becomes an essential accessory. The fly mask is used when the rider mounts the horse and is secured to the head with Velcro.

It is a very fine mesh that does not impede the horse's vision, reflects sunlight, and simply serves to keep the horse calm in the ocular area. It does not have ear flaps.

Protect your horse's head to reduce problems related to flies and insects. We work with Amigo masks, well-known and experienced in the equestrian world, and with leading brands in the sector such as Lexhis, Rambo, Professional's Choice, Hispano Hípica... Discover them!

If you have any doubts in choosing the fly mask for your horse, we are here to help you. Count on us for any questions or concerns.

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