Belly Guards

Belly Guards for Horses

Belly guards for horses are designed to provide complete protection to the horse's belly when wearing a blanket, which is called the "sore spots". It surrounds the animal's body and adapts to all blankets thanks to the elastic loops it includes. It prevents the sensitive area from weakening. There are several sizes available, depending on the size of the horse, and we work with the Zandonà brand that offers top-quality belly protectors for horses, ensuring efficient protection for the horse.

We have a great selection of belly guards for horses adapted to your needs, easy to wash, maintain, and install. We offer belly guards for horses with a shell, which are more comfortable and provide greater care for the saddle, which must be attached to the girth without hindering the horse's movements or bothering the rider.

Discover our variety of belly guards for horses. If you have any questions or concerns, count on us to help you choose among our products.