Polainas y zapatos para polainas

Leggings and Shoes for Leggings

Leggings for horseback riding, and shoes for leggings. Discover our leggings, used by riders as an alternative to riding boots, which can also be used with low-cut boots or sneakers. The legging frees the foot, allowing for more freedom and flexibility for the rider's foot during horse riding.

We have a wide variety of leggings: leather leggings, suede leggings, leather leggings, waterproof leggings, cowboy leggings, Portuguese leggings, neoprene leggings, from the brands we work with: Ariat, Lexhis, Hispano Hípica, Podium, and many more.

The leggings for horseback riding are comfortable, simple, resistant, and provide freedom to the rider's movement.

We can help you find the horseback riding leggings and shoes for leggings you are looking for. We are a team of equestrian specialists at your disposal, so if you have any questions or concerns, count on us to help you choose among our leggings for horse riding without commitment.