Endurance or trail bridles

Walking or raid bridles

Specialists in the sale of bridles for walking or raid

The raid bridle is made of a very resistant material, as these bridles for horses are made with mainly fibre materials and are prepared to be washed, wet, and so that they are very difficult to break, as the materials are of excellent quality.

The bridle will allow you to direct the horse's movements, and you can quickly and easily adapt it to a stable bridle to pass the Vet-Gate.

If you practise the discipline of walking, you will know that all the skills of both rider and horse are put to the test: speed, dexterity and physical endurance play a key role. Several kilometres of terrain are covered, usually alternating water, mud, or dust, so these skills are very important.

Take a look at the models of trail or raid bridles we have available. We have a wide variety of the best brands such as Podium, Mehis or Lexhis, which will achieve great comfort for your horse. If you have any questions regarding the horse bridle you want to buy, we are at your disposal.