Horse Bits

Horse Bits

Horse bits are used to control and adjust the horse's propulsion with minimal contact. The rider's hands should be gentle, and the horse should respond to the slightest action of the fingers.

To achieve this, the horse must be trained correctly so that the bit is used appropriately and there is no struggle between horse and rider, where the animal will be disadvantaged.

The bit is a very strong tool due to its lever effect. It acts on the tongue and the corners of the lips, and should have a minimum thickness of 14mm. It should be placed at a 45° angle in relation to the horse's mouth.

There are many types of bits: Pelham bit, for use with a simple bridle, combined with a simple snaffle bit. German dressage bit, for use with a double bridle and a snaffle bit. Hackamore bit, for use alone or with a separate or integrated snaffle bit. Weymouth bit, the softest version of bits. Kimblewick bit, mainly used for strong ponies. And finally, the Uxeter bit.

Choose the bit model that best suits your horse's needs. If you have any doubts or questions, count on us to help you choose from our wide selection.