Cowboy Spurs

Cowboy Spurs

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The cowboy spurs are made of blued iron and have two branches with a pin for the horse spur strap. At the end of the spur is the rowel, also called the star, which in western riding can also be called the wheel. There are different models of both spurs and rowels, which vary depending on their length, whether they are straight or curved.

Cowboy spurs are placed lower than English spurs and fit snugly to the heel edge of the boot. They have three loops through which the strap passes, two on the sides and one on the back of the heel, providing a good fit.

Cowboy spurs help the rider's feet act as a propelling aid. It is recommended to use cowboy spurs for riders who already have a medium-high level of experience in the discipline they practice, with the intention of exerting the necessary force without causing harm to the horse.

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