More farrier tools

Find the tool you're looking for among our wide variety: gouges, mortisers, tool sets, ovens, hoof gauges, drills, screws, and much more.

At, we strive to offer you everything you need for the care of your horse and the shoeing of its hoof. We not only offer a wide variety of farrier tools, but we also have a great selection of products for their maintenance and protection.

Among our farrier tools, we highlight gouges, used to carve the horse's hoof and give it the necessary shape for shoe placement. We also have mortisers, which are used to make the grooves in the hoof where the shoe nails are inserted. In addition, we have complete tool sets that include all the necessary tools for shoeing your horse.

For those farriers who need an oven to heat the shoes, we also have a wide selection of models to choose from, from the simplest to the most advanced. And if you need tools for equine podiatry, we also have hoof gauges, which will allow you to measure the length of the hoof and the dimensions of the shoes.

As for products for hoof maintenance and protection, we have screws, ideal for securely and sturdily fastening the shoes, as well as drills to make the necessary holes in the hoof. We also have hoof protectors, such as neoprene boots, which protect the hooves during transport or rain.

At, we make sure to offer you the best tools and products for the care and maintenance of your horses, with the quality and safety you need to make your work easier and more effective. Find everything you need in our online store, where we offer a wide variety of quality tools and products at the best price. Don't hesitate to visit our website and find what you need for the care and maintenance of your horses.