Collares, bozales y trabas para caballos

Collars, Muzzles, and Leg Restraints for Horses

Specialists in the sale of collars, muzzles, and leg restraints for horses Collars for horses. The collar is an accessory that is used so that the horse can distribute the load throughout the body, allowing the animal to use all its strength when pulling, thereby reducing the pressure it exerts on the throat.

The muzzle for horses is used to protect the animal from bites if the horse has a bad temperament and bites anyone who approaches, or for grazing if the aim is to allow the horse to put its nose down and eat. We offer all kinds of muzzles selected by us. Discover all the durable models we work with.

Leg restraints for horses are an accessory that serves to limit the movement of the horse's legs, typically used on mares during mating. They can be made of chain, rope, or cotton. They must be strong and durable as they withstand tension.

If you have any doubts when choosing accessories for your horse, we are here to help you. Count on us to solve any questions you may have.